Casey Kaplan

Shared Vibrations: Matthew Ronay

Matthew Ronay, Sagged Silver Cybernation with Sentry (2018). Installation view from Betrayals of and by the Body, Casey Kaplan, NY, April 30 - June 15, 2019. Photo: Chris Murtha.

My article on Matthew Ronay was published in the Summer 2019 issue of Mousse Magazine on the occasion of Betrayals of and by the Body, his recent exhibition of technicolor basswood sculptures at Casey Kaplan in New York. Below is a brief excerpt but the full article can be read here.

Ronay’s sculptures conjure bodies that are not only human but hybridized entities, evoking molecular biology, physiological mechanisms, underwater landscapes, cybernetic networks, and fantastical architecture. The artist turns these bodies inside out, revealing processes of reproduction, communication, and circulation. […] As one moves around them, the works unfold their mysterious processes, develop, and even seem to pulse with life.

Installation view of Matthew Ronay, Betrayals of and by the Body, Casey Kaplan, NY, April 30 - June 15, 2019. Photo: Chris Murtha.

On Jason Dodge for Artforum

After some time away from critical writing to focus on my studies, I'm excited to get back into the swing of it. Read my review of Jason Dodge's exhibition at Casey Kaplan over at

As is typical for Dodge, this exhibition is a curious collection of commonplace objects assembled towards poetic ends. The artist's engagement with poetry extends to his publishing company fivehundred places and the title of this exhibition, which was borrowed from the Franz Wright poem “Recurring Awakening.” That title – "hand in hand with the handless" – might as well be a mantra for the Readymade. But unlike Duchamp's supposedly indifferent Readymades, Dodge's are suggestive of meaning, which must be teased out by the careful observer. This initially elusive exhibition rewards such consideration.

Jason Dodge
hand in hand with the handless
Casey Kaplan
On view through July 27

All images are installation views of Jason Dodge, "hand in hand with the handless," Casey Kaplan, New York, June 21 - July 27, 2018. Photos: Chris Murtha.